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Motorhome Hire GermanyMotorhome Hire Germany has a huge fleet of motorhomes available for hire in Germany. You can pickup and dropoff at Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg and Munich.


Tour the sights of Germany in your own mobile luxury accommodation, with your own timetable and course.


All of our motorhomes are finished to an extremely high standard, with luxurious fittings throughout. All are guaranteed to be less than 2 years old.




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We have just added a whole new supplier to our German Motorhomes Section. With depots spread all over Germany, you will be able to find exactly the right rental. You can access our easy-to-use interactive map to help you to find the right depot to rent from.

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What to do on a Campervan holiday in Germany

By Leslie Brown


Why should you come to visit Germany in a motorhome or campervan? Good question.


Enjoy a Bratwurst in Germany - CC - GerbisGermany is a fascinating and varied country, with lots to discover and experience. There are so many different cuisines to try, with regional specialities to from all over the country. Enjoy some excellent German sausages, such as Bavarian Bratwurst, in the south, the famous Currywurst in Hamburg or Berlin, and , as you head north towards the Baltic, local fish dishes start to appear. There are, of course, famous German beers, especially if you visit during Oktoberfest, though, in that case, remember to book early, as motorhome availability is limited.


Even more than food and drink, German culture varies widely as you travel around the country, along with the scenery. You'll have no problem finding out what's available and what to do, as the Germans almost universally speak excellent English, so being understood is not difficult. The people are very friendly and interested in their visitors, so it's easy to start a conversation in a bar or cafe, and find out all the local secret hotspots.


The Harz Mountains in Germany - CC - ArtMechanicIf you enjoy the great outdoors, Germany is a magnificent venue for hill-walking or cycling. Visit the spectacular Harz mountains in the Lower Saxony region of the north, and see a wonderful landscape of hills, mountains, valleys, streams and waterfalls. The Harz Mountains are a refuge for wildlife, and with ongoing conservation efforts, even the lynx has been recently found living wild in the region, along with red deer, roe deer and wild boar.


Of course, if you really want to see magnificent mountains, head down to the very far south, where the border with Switzerland is delineated by the magnificent Alps, a mecca for walkers, skiers and snowboarders. The Alps are home to high peaks likeThe Matterhorn in the Alps - CC - Photo: chil, on Camptocamp.org - Derivative work:Zacharie Grossen Mont Blanc and the Matterhorn, and they are easy to get to. There are cable-cars, mountain-top restaurants, skiing facilities, hotels, theme parks and more.


Visit the cool dark green magnificence of the Black Forest, stretching from the spa town of Baden-Baden to the Swiss border, and from the River Rhine to Lake Constance. This famous area is visited by large numbers of people, and the facilities available reflect it's popularity. Horse riding, hiking, water sports, mountain biking, paragliding, skiing and snowboarding can all be enjoyed. After a hard days exercise, relax with some of the best beers in Germany, and the solid, wholesome, local cuisine. You'll need the food for the energy, because the next day means more play and exercise!


To really experience German Beers, try and visit during Oktoberfest, where all of Germany celebrates and praises their huge range of beers. If wine, not beer, is more your thing, travel down the Mosel valley for the pure pleasure of the numerous wine festivals.


Weihnachtsmarkt (Christmas market) in Jena, Thuringia, Germany - CC - ReneS at flickrFor a different experience, we recommend the Christmas Markets in Germany. Most of the towns and cities in Germany will have a Christmas Market, and they are a spectacle to behold. Full of stalls selling local produce and gifts, and lit, of course, with thousands of Christmas lights, they are a magical sight. The biggest Christmas Markets are held in Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Nuremburg, Augsburg and Dresden; between them, they draw over 10 million visitors each year.


If you are planning to visit Germany, a motorhome is really the best way to travel. You have complete flexibility, you are able to move on or stay put as the whim strikes you, you don't need to pack or unpack, checkin and check out. Wake up in the morning, grab a breakfast, and head out for the next sight. You have the flexibility to move all over the country, or decide to stay in one area and do some real in-depth exploring.


Once you have hired your motorhome in Germany, you are not restricted to only travel within Germany. You can travel with your campervan to all the rest of Europe, and because Germany is so centrally located, there really is no problem with driving along the excellent autobahn's, and heading out into the rest of the continent. The only restriction with all of our suppliers in Germany is that you have to drop back the motorhome to the same depot you collected it from.


I hope this information is helpful to you. If you have any questions, or would like to know more, please feel free to contact us.

Information for Motorhome Hire Germany

Germany is a fantastic location to hire a RV also called a Campervan in Europe due to it's central location. Germany also has the added advantage of being the cheapest country to hire a Motorhome in Europe. Germany has a varied landscape from the romantic Black Forest, scenic river cruises on the Rhine, Moselle, Danube etc, Lake Constance in the south bordering Austria and Switzerland – a popular holiday destination, Garmisch Partenkirchen in the Bavarian Alps a fantastic winter ski resort atruly varied landscape.

Check out the varied smoky beer from Franconia and wheat beer from Bavaria, Kölsch from Cologne, Black Forest gateaux, famous red and white wines from the Moselle valley and Franconia.

Come discover the delights of Germany and travel the byeways with a Motorhome.


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